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Management Packages

Worried how you will manage your project from another country?

Not sure how often you can make trips out to see the progress?

Concerned about the honesty and efficiency of builders in Italy?

Don't speak the language, so understanding your project in detail will prove very difficult?

If any of these strike a chord, you may want to speak with me to understand how I might be able to help you. I work in the zone between the towns of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno and can assist you in a number of ways.

PRM Total Management

I can work with a geometra / architect you have already appointed, or I can put together an entire team of trusted and efficient professionals and builders. Choose this type of management and I manage everything for you and keep you updated by email, phone and photos.

As I know the building process intimately, I will liase with the building team and I can ensure that I am on-site whenever major works are due to begin, or are in progress. I leave nothing to chance. If I have concerns at any point I will speak with your architect, geometra and yourself to resolve things satisfactorily and quickly, so as not to hinder the progress.

This type of management is costed on an hourly rate and invoiced every 2 months. I try hard to cover my cost to you by getting you better deals and discounts on the work than you would otherwise achieve.

PRM Eyes and Ears

Choose this type of management and I will work to a schedule agreed with you. I will visit the site as scheduled, or whenever there is a major, important piece of work being done. I will talk with your builder and geometra to get an up to date and accurate explanation of the works and will take and email photos of any works. I will also alert you to anything that I feel needs your input before the builders proceed.

This type of management is costed on an hourly rate and invoiced every 2 months.

PRM Supplier Contacts

If you are already underway with your project you may still find my services useful. Perhaps you need to fire one of the tradesmen for shoddy work, and need a fast, reliable, replacement? Perhaps you need some specialist work done (frescoes? vaulted ceiling restoration?) and have no idea where to find this person? I can help you here.

My fee for this is costed on an hourly rate, but often this fee is covered by the keen negotiations I achieve with the suppliers or tradesmen concerned.